Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Nintex Workflow 2010: Integer vs Number


A workflow that was built using Nintex Workflow 2010 in SharePoint Server 2010 was working fine for a couple of months and it suddenly started to throw workflow errors.

The workflow was erroring because of a "for each" action that iterates through a collection of integers.


After some analysis, I figured out that the workflow has started to error after the collection of integers had exceeded 999.


The query list action shown in the above image stores values from a "Number" field in a SharePoint list into a collection variable.

The for each action then tries to loop through each item in the collection and store the value into an "Integer" variable. (Assuming that integer in Nintex is like a normal integer that we all know :) ). This is when the workflow started to error.

The issue was resolved after I created a new "Number" variable and used it in the for each loop.

Not sure what the difference is between Integer and Number according to Nintex.
I could not find a lot of documentation explaining the differences between Integer and Number according to Nintex either and had to learn in the hard way.

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